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Journal Papers:

20) Attari K, Molla-Abbasi P, Rashidzadeh B" Fabrication of a Packaging Film Based on PLA Blends: The Evolution of Physical, Mechanical, and Rheological Properties Polymer Engineering and Science (2023)

19) Karimi Y, SolaimanyNazar AR, Molla-Abbasi P, "Synthesis, Characterization and Application of a Magnetic Nanoencapsulated PCM in Enhancing the Natural Convection in a Cube Cavity" Thermal Science and Engineering Progress (2023). Link

18)Fallahi M, Moini Jazani O, Molla-Abbasi P, "Design and characterization of high-performance epoxy adhesive with block copolymer and alumina nanoparticles in aluminum-aluminum bonded joints: Mechanical properties, lap shear strength, and thermal stability" Polymer Composites (2022). Link

17)Molla-Abbasi P, "Organic compound gas detector based on polylactic acid/poly (styrene-co- crylonitrile)/multi-walled carbon nanotube blend composite with co-continuous microstructure" Polymers for Advanced Technologies (2022). Link

16)Molla-Abbasi P, Effect of nano‐size nodular structure induced by CNT‐promoted phase separation on the fabrication of superhydrophobic polyvinyl chloride films Polymers for Advanced Technologies (2020). Link

15) Noormohammad A, Molla-Abbasi P, Porous Poly (vinyl alcohol)/Carbon Nanotube Sensitive Layer for Detection of Lung Cancer Biomarkers Iranian Journal of Polymer Science and Technology 33, 147-158, (2020). Link

14) Noormohammad A, Molla-Abbasi P, An analytical investigation on the effect of porous conductive cellulose acetate composite morphology on the detection of organic compounds Polymer Engineering & Science 60, 1631-1641, (2020). Link

13) Soleimani E, Aghamiri SF, Molla-Abbasi P, Shabanian M,Tuning the polymer–graphene interfaces by picric acid molecules to improve the sensitivity of a prepared conductive polymer composite gas detector Iranian Polymer Journal 29, 341-350, (2020). Link

12) Molla-Abbasi P, “Design and Development of a Detector Based on Poly (Lactic Acid)/CNT Composite for Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds Journal of Applied Research of Chemical-Polymer Engineering 3, 43-56, (2020).

11) Bayat S, Jazani OM, Molla-Abbasi P, Jouyandeh M, Saeb MR, “Thin films of epoxy adhesives containing recycled polymers and graphene oxide nanoflakes for metal/polymer composite interface Progress in Organic Coatings 136, 105201, (2019). Link

10) Molla-Abbasi P, Shabanian M, “A bulky aromatic functional polyimide composite as a sensitive layer for the detection of organic compound biomarkersIranian Polymer Journal 28 (3), 203-211, (2019) . Link

9) MollaAbbasi P, Janghorban K., Asgari MS, “A novel heteropolyaciddoped carbon nanotubes/Nafon nanocomposite membrane for high performance protonexchange methanol fuel cell applications”, Iranian Polymer Journal, 27, 77-86, (2018). Link

8) Janghorban K, Molla-Abbasi P, “Modified CNTs/Nafion composite: The role of sulfonate groups on the performance of prepared proton exchange methanol fuel cell’s membrane Journal of Particle Science & Technology 3 (4), 211-218, (2017) (ISC)  . Link 

7) Molla-Abbasi P, Asgari MS, Hassani Sadrabadi MM, “Improving the performance of Nafion®-based fuel cell membranes by introducing histidine functionalized carbon nanotubes”, Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part B, 56 , 234-244, (2017). Link

6) Moosavi SM, Molla-Abbasi P, Haji-Aghajani Z, “Photo-catalyst CoFe2O4–TiO2: application in photo-degradation of organic dyes and magnetic nanocomposite preparation”, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 27, 234-244, (2016). Link

5) Molla-Abbasi P, Ghaffarian SR, DashtimoghadamE,Wrapping carbon nanotubes by biopolymer chains: Role of nanointerfaces in detection of vapors in conductive polymer composite transducers”, Polymer Composites, 37, 105012 (2016). Link

4) Molla-Abbasi P, Ghaffarian SR, “Decoration of carbon nanotubes by chitosan in a nanohybrid conductive polymer composite for detection of polar vapours”, RSC Advances, 4, 30906-30913, (2014). Link

3) Asgari MS, Nikazar M, Molla-Abbasi P, Hasani-Sadrabadi MM, " Nafion®/histidine functionalized carbon nanotube: High-performance fuel cell membranes", International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38, 5894-5902, (2013). Link

2) Molla-Abbasi P, Ghaffarian SR, Danesh E,Porous carbon nanotube/PMMA conductive composites as a sensitive layer in vapor sensors”, Smart Materials and Structures., 20, 105012 (2011). Link

1) Danesh E, Ghaffarian SR, Molla-Abbasi P,Non-solvent induced phase separation as a method for making high-performance chemiresistors based on conductive polymer nanocomposites”, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical., 155, 562-567 (2011). Link

International Conferences:

7) Noormohammad A, Molla-Abbasi P. “The Effect of Cellulose Acetate/CNT Morphology on the Final Response of Prepared Sensitive Layer to Detect of Lung Cancer Biomarkers 14th International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology (ISPST 2020), 9-12 November, 2020, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

6) Molla-Abbasi PHighly Sensitive Dense Conductive Polymer Composite Based on PLA for Disease Diagnosis The 11th International Chemical Engineering Congress & Exhibition (IChEC 2020), 28- 30 October, 2020, Fouman, Iran

5)Soleimani E, Aghamiri S.F, Molla-Abbasi P, Shabanian M. “Design and fabrication of conductive polymer composites to detect of lung cancer biomarkers at low concentrations 13th International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology (ISPST 2018), 19-22 November 2018, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

4)Molla-Abbasi P, Ghaffarian SR, “Physical Decoration of CNTs in Conductive Polymer Composites: A high Performance Vapor Detector”, 11th International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology (ISPST 2014), 6-9 October 2014, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, Tehran, Iran.

3)Molla-Abbasi P, Ghaffarian SR, Danesh E, “A  Novel Vapor Sensor Based on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube-PMMA Porous Composite Film”, 9th International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology (ISPST 2009), 17-21 October 2009, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, Tehran, Iran.

2)Danesh E, Ghaffarian SR, Molla-Abbasi P, “A novel non-fragile carbon nanoparticle-PMMA conductive composite vapor sensor with high sensitivity and rapid response”, IEEE Sensors (Christchurch, October) (2009).

1)Danesh E, Ghaffarian SR, Molla-Abbasi P, “Effect of Porosity on Response Behavior of Carbon BlackPMMA Conductive Composite Sensors toward Organic Vapors”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1137, 361-364 (AIP 2009).