Description: F:\kazemi-docs\scans\kazemi.JPGMohammad Kazemi

Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering, University of Isfahan

Phone:  031  3793  5610

Email address:  m.kazemi AT

                 kazemi_mv AT



·        Education:

o   2006 - 2012  Ph. D:  Sharif University of Technology,  Tehran, Iran

Dissertation title: multiple description video coding based on SVC layers and end-to-end distortion optimization

Supervisor: Dr. Haj Sadeghi , Dr. Shirmohammadi


o   2003-2005  M. Sc: Sharif University of Technology, Tehran,  Iran


o   1999-2003  B. Sc: Isfahan University of Technology , Isfahan, Iran


·        Research Interests

o   Image and Video Compression/Communication

o   Digital Electronics



·        Working experiences


o   Complexity and error resilience performance optimization of H.264/AVC for a video conference system.

o   FPGA implementation of DVT-t encoder, including Reed Solomon Encoder, Convolutional  Encoder, interleaver and OFDM modulator

o   Design and simulation of 100 MHz band pass integrated gm-c filter with Q and F tuning  using LMS algorithm

o   Design and simulation of 4bit 500 MSPS flash A/D


·        Courses Taught


o   Computer Architecture

o   Video Processing

o   VLSI Design

o   Logic Circuits

o   Engineering Mathematics

o   Electronics I

o   Pulse Technique

o   Electrical Circuits II

o   Electronic Measurement


·        Reviewer for

o   IEEE Transactions on circuits and systems for video technology

o   IEEE Transactions on Multimedia

o   IEEE Multimedia

o   ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications



·        Technical Program committee

o   IEEE - ISM (IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia)

o   DSVCC IEEE CloudCom workshop (Delay-Sensitive Video computing in the cloud)





·        Publications


o   M. Kazemi, K. Sadeghi, and S. Shirmohammadi, “A high video quality Multiple Description Coding scheme for lossy channels,” IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), 2011.

o   M. Kazemi, K. H. Sadeghi, and S. Shirmohammadi, “A Mixed Layer Multiple Description Video Coding Scheme,” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 22, pp. 202-215, Feb. 2012.

o   M. Kazemi, S. Shirmohammadi, K. H. Sadeghi, “A Review of Multiple Description Coding techniques for Error-Resilient Video Delivery”, Springer Multimedia systems.

o   M. Kazemi, K. H. Sadeghi, S. Shirmohammadi, P. moallem, “Rate/distortion optimization in multiple description video coding,” Signal Processing: Image Communication 36, 95-105, 2015

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