PhD: 2001-2008, Mechanical Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran. Title of Dissertation: “Viscoelastic Constitutive Equations under Large Deformations Using Finite Element Methods”, Supervisors: Dr. Saeed Ziaei-Rad and Dr. Mojtaba Mahzoon.

Msc: 1998-2001, Mechanical Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. Title of Dissertation: “Stress Conjugates to Logarithmic Strains”, Supervisor: Prof. Reza Naghdabadi.

Bsc: 1994-98, Mechanical Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. 1st Rank. Title of Dissertation: “RCSR Mechanism Analysis Using Vector Algebra”, Supervisor: Prof. Hasan Zohour.

Teaching Courses

Spring Semester - 1400-1401

Machine Element Design I

Bsc Course

Advanced Computer Aided Engineering

Msc Course

Reseach Topics

Mechanical strength due to the formation of interconnected junctions between fibers

Collagen Crosslinking

Understanding the role of crosslinking agents in the modification of collagen performance
Soft Pneumatic Actuator

Soft Pneumatic Actuator

Analytical and numerical modeling of fiber reinforced soft actuators
Notched tension test simulation by phase field

Crack propagation in rubbery polymers


Multi-beam vortex-induced vibration energy harvesting


Fiber Reinforced Soft Materials

Structural continuum framework for fibre-reinforced structural material
Dielectric elastomer energy harvesting

Dielectric elastomer energy harvesting

Development of electrostatic power take-off (PTO) systems for wave energy converters (WECs), specially dielectric elastomer generators (DEGs).

Journal Papers

- K. Hasanpour, D. Mirzaei, A fast meshfree technique for coupled thermoelasticity problem, Acta Mechanica, 229, 2657-2673, 2018.

- S Toghyani, FM Nafchi, E Afshari, K Hasanpour, E Baniasadi, SA Atyabi, Thermal and electrochemical performance analysis of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell under assembly pressure on gas diffusion layer, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 43 (9), pp. 4534-4545. 2018.

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Conference Papers

- Azam Surmiri, Kourosh Hasanpour, Implementation of Exponential Function for Isotropic Hardening of Metallic Foams, 23rd Annual International Conference on Mechanical Engineering-ISME2015, Tehran, Iran.

- Majid Rezaei, Kourosh Hasanpour, Effect of material model in PMMA forming process; a case study, 23rd Annual International Conference on Mechanical Engineering-ISME2015, Tehran, Iran.

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