Hamed yazdian

Date of birth : 1978- Isfahan, Married

Email Adress:

Phone Number: 09133263032



Educational background

Diploma: Mathematics and Physics - 1996

Shahid Ejei High School - Isfahan


Expertise: Civil Engineering

Isfahan University of Technology-2000


Master's Degree: Civil Engineering Water Resource Management

University of Tehran-2003


PhD: Civil Engineering - Water Resource Management

University of Tehran -2014


Research records:

Master's Thesis: Two-dimensional model of dam Break using McCormack-T.V.D explicit method

Supervisor: Dr. Mohammad Ali Bani Hashemi


Phd Thesis: Multi-objective optimization of reservoir utilization with emphasis on ecosystem stability

Supervisors: Dr. Banafshe Zahrai and Dr. Nematullah Jafarzadeh


Teaching Experience:

- Fluid Mechanics

- Hydraulic

- Design of water and sewer network

- Water and Wastewater Engineering

- Economics of water resources projects

- Wastewater recycling and reuse



research projects:


-         Investigating and providing the basis for strengthening and organizing local and regional water markets.

Client: Iran Water Resources Management Company and Water Research Institute, 2015-2016

-         Identifying the appropriate methods of private sector participation in water supply, transmission and consumption plans.

Client: Chamber of Industries and Mines, Commerce and Agriculture - 2014


-         Standardization and optimization of Isfahan asphalt factory

Client: Isfahan Municipal Civil Engineering Organization - 2016


-         Feasibility study of Tabriz-Sahand high-speed train construction

Client: Isfahan University of Technology transportation core-1385


-         Developing a network of water-related issues in the Zayandeh River watershed

Client: Organization of the contracting party: Regional Water Company of Isfahan province.From 01/12/1400 - 12 months


-         The application of remote sensing data in checking water resources balance parameters (Semiram Basin)

Client: Regional Water Company of Isfahan province

Project manager: Dr. Hamed Yazdian, Dr. Mohammad Ali Alijanian

Contract Date: Contract No. 196/1400 from 12/25/1400 for 18 months



-         Redefining Zayandeh River Basin Governance Issues (Research Contract of Shahid Ahmadi Roshan National Elite Foundation)

Client: National Elite Foundation

Project manager (expert): Dr. Hamed Yazdian

The result of the project: the conclusion of the contract from 01/10/1400 for 9 months

This contract ended on 06/31/1401 and the certificate of completion and scientific approval was issued on 08/31/1401. The members of the research team were divided into 7 working groups and appropriate research topics were defined.

-         A research contract entitled "Investigating the spatio-temporal distribution of drought using complex network theory in Iran.

Client: Iran Water Resources Management Company

Project manager: Dr. Mohammad Ali Alijanian, Dr. Hamed Yazdian


-         Holding scientific-management debates regarding water issues and Zayandeh River

Client: Isfahan Municipality

Project manager: Consortium of scientific research centers of Isfahan province in the field of environment

(Executive of the project at Isfahan University: Dr. Hamed Yazdian, Engineer Mehdi Kamali)






courses with certification:


-         Value engineering courses and workshops

-         Basic course of economics

-         China's experiences in the field of seismography and earthquake management

-         Applied rules

-         The seven IT computer skills

-         Environmental assessment

-         Special restoration concretes

-         Project planning and control

-         Sustainable management of water and wastewater resources (Ilmenau University - Germany), 2012



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