Dr. Bahman Zamani's Garduate Students

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Name Degree Start Finish Thesis Title Co-Supervisor/Advisor
Atefeh Niroomand PhD Sep. 2018 --- --- Dr. Behrouz Tork Ladani (Advisor)
Samaneh Hoseindoost PhD Sep. 2017 --- A model-driven approach for modeling and assessment of coordination strategies for crisis response Dr. Afsaneh Fatemi
Hayyan Hasan PhD Sep. 2017 --- A Compiler for Defeating Anti-Analysis Techniques in Android Malware Dr. Behrouz Tork Ladani
Mohammadreza Sharbaf PhD Sep. 2016 --- A Framework for Semi-Automatic Conflict Management in Online and Offline Collaborative Modeling Dr. Gerson Sunye
Hosein Moradi PhD Sep. 2013 --- Model-Driven Development of Context-aware Service Composition Dr. Kamran Zamanifar (Advisor)
Fazilat Hojajai Najafabadi PhD Sep. 2013 Jul. 2019 Techniques to Compact Model Execution Traces in Model Driven Approach Dr. Wahab Hamou-Lhadj (Advisor)
Leila Samimi Dehkordi PhD Sep. 2012 Apr. 2019 Model-Driven Development of Bidirectional Model Transformations Dr. Shekoufeh Kolahdouz Rahimi (Advisor)
Alireza Rouhi PhD Sep. 2011 Sep. 2017 Presenting a Process for Generating a Pattern Language Verifier ---
Hanan Daher MSc Sep. 2018 --- A domain Specific Modeling Language for Modeling Emergency Evacuation Plans ---
Mehdi Ziyaee MSc Sep. 2018 --- A Model Driven Framework for Code Generation of FPGA-Based Monitoring Systems in Industry 4.0 Dr. Ali Bohlooli (Advisor)
Maryam Mehrabi MSc Sep. 2017 --- A Domain Specific Modeling Language for IoT-Based Health Monitoring Applications ---
Sara Adib MSc Sep. 2017 --- A Framework for Model-Driven Development of Context-Aware Recommender Mobile Applications ---
Marzieh Ghorbani MSc Sep. 2016 Jul. 2019 A Novel Approach for Incremental Model Transformations with ETL ---
Sorour Jahanbin MSc Sep. 2016 Mar. 2019 Presenting a new approach for generating test models in model transformation testing ---
Banafsheh Azizi MSc Sep. 2015 Jan. 2018 A Novel Approach for Verifying Epsilon Transformations Dr. Shekoufeh Kolahdouz Rahimi
Neda Karshenas MSc Sep. 2015 Sep. 2018 A New Approach for Application of Transformation Patterns in Model Transformation Language Using HOT Dr. Shekoufeh Kolahdouz Rahimi
Atefeh Niroomand MSc Sep. 2015 Jan. 2018 A Model Driven Reverse Engineering Approach for Evaluating the Implemented Access Control Policies Dr. Behrouz Tork Ladani (Advisor)
Zahra Jafari Fesharaki MSc Sep. 2014 Feb. 2017 Presenting Graphical Metamodel for Crisis Management using Multi Agent Systems Dr. Afsaneh Fatemi (Advisor)
Samaneh Hoseindoost MSc Sep. 2014 Apr. 2017 A Model Driven Framework for Developing Multi-Agent Systems in Emergency Response Environments Dr. Afsaneh Fatemi
Mohammadreza Sharbaf MSc Sep. 2014 Sep. 2016 A New Approach for Detection and Resolution of Semantic Conflicts in Model Versioning ---
Amir Savari MSc Sep. 2013 Dec. 2016 Automated test case generation and oracle by combination of UML diagrams ---
Rahim Lotfi MSc Sep. 2013 Sep. 2015 A New Pattern for Architectural Design of Enterprise Applications to Facilitate Automatic Code Generation ---
Mahsa Sadat Panahandeh MSc Sep. 2012 Feb. 2015 A Novel Approach for Improving Model Transformation Life Cycle ---
Shiva Razoolzadeh Sheikh MSc Sep. 2012 Feb. 2015 Presenting a UML Profile for Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture ---
Tahereh Adamzadeh MSc Sep. 2012 Feb. 2015 A Modeling Language for Developing Multi-Agent Systems in Emergency Response Environments Dr. Afsaneh Fatemi (Advisor)
Mohammad-Reza Azodi MSc Sep. 2011 Feb. 2015 Modeling Non-functional Requirements in Service Oriented Architecture using Model Driven Methods ---
Amin Rezaee MSc Sep. 2011 Feb. 2014 A New Approach to Optimized Generation of Test Cases using UML State Machines ---
Mahboubeh Taghizadeh MSc Sep. 2011 Feb. 2014 A New Approach to Automated Testing of Access Control Policies using Model Based Technique Dr. Behrouz Tork Ladani (Advisor)