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Bahman Zamani

I defended my PhD thesis (PDF 4MB) on June 29, 2009 at the Computer Science Dept. of Concordia University under the supervision of Professor Butler.

*** Note (20/04/2010): This page is no longer updated. Visit my page at University of Isfahan. ***

Bahman Zamani, 2008

Personal Information

First Name: Bahman
Last Name: Zamani
Nationality: Iranian (Want to Learn Persian Language? Click Here...) (Want to know Tehran? (4MB pdf) Click Here...)
Office: EV 11-139, 1515 Sainte Catherine West, Montreal
Tel: (514)848-2424 , ext:7199
Fax: ??
Email: b_zamani A T cs D O T concordia D O T ca


Ph.D., Computer Science

Concordia University,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2004 - 2009
[Thesis: On Verifying the Use of a Pattern Language in Model Driven Design]

M.Sc., Software Engineering

Sharif University of Technology,
Tehran, Iran, 1994 - 1997
[Thesis: A software for symbolic execution of programs]

B.Sc., Software Engineering

University of Isfahan,
Isfahan, Iran, 1985 - 1990
[Project: Action Diagrams]


Courses taken:
Winter 2004: COMP6471 - Software Design Methodologies
Winter 2004: COMP691B - Foundations of the Semantic Web
Summer 2004: COMP691D - Software Measurement: Theory and Practice
Fall 2006: INDU6111 - Theory of Operation Research
Winter 2008: ENCS591B - Technical Writing & Research Methedology

Doctoral Seminar:
Winter 2005: ENCS 8011 - Doctoral Seminar titled "Agile Methodologies"

Research Proposal:
Fall 2005: ENCS 8511 - Doctoral Research Proposal titled "Knowledge Management in Agile Development"

Research Interests:
My Teaching Philisophy and My Research Philisophy

Generally speaking, I'm interested in Software Engineering (hope not like this! or this!). You can find nice photographs and the history of Software Engineering here. If you prefer to listen to a radio about software, listen to Software Engineering Radio.

1) My first research topic
Specific areas of my interests are Software Methodologies, Software Project Management, and in my research I am working around Agile Methodologies , addressing the probelm of "Less Documentation."
Look at the abstract of my research proposal titled Knowledge Management in Agile Development, though I think I have to modify and improve it in the course of my research. (Note: Actually I switched to a more practical topic)
Despite agile proponents, some people still beleive in Waterfall!

2) My second research topic
Recently I've decided to move towards (agile) modeling. My new research lies in the area of Model Driven Engineering (MDE). Look at my Statement of Purpose. My first idea is published in Quality in Modeling Workshop (co-located with MoDELS 2007 Conference), titled Critiquing the Application of Pattern Languages on UML Models.

The idea is now more matured and more focused. I'm working on the quality of UML models that are build based upon the patterns of a pattern language. The results are published in the 2nd Intl. Workshop on Software Quality and Maintainability (co-located with CSMR 2008 Conference), titled Tool Support for Pattern Selection and Use and in MoDELS 2008 Conference proceeding, titled A Pattern Language Verifier for Web-Based Enterprise Applications.

Now, I am writing my thesis on

Pattern Language Verification (PLV) in Model Driven Engineering (MDE)

My dissertation is complete now! (4 May 2009), the exact title is

On Verifying the Use of a Pattern Language in Model Driven Design

Following is the abstract of my thesis:
This thesis addresses the problem of verifying the application of a Pattern Language in a design that is built based upon the patterns of the language in a Model-Driven approach. Exploiting the ideas of compilers, we propose a process named Pattern Language Verifier (PLV). We argue that building a PLV for a given Pattern Language, requires the Structural, Syntactic, and Semantic rules of the language to be precisely defined. We present three formalisms for defining these three groups of rules. PLV is a profile-driven process and assumes that a UML Profile is already defined for the underlying Pattern Language.

PLV consists of four phases: Pattern Structural Verifier (PSV), Pattern Language Syntactic Verifier (PTV), Pattern Language Semantic Verifier (PMV), and Pattern Language Advisor (PLA). PSV verifies the structure of every single pattern used in the design model. PTV verifies the relationships between the detected patterns. PMV verifies the semantic aspects of the patterns. PLA reports the problems to the designer and guides him/her in fixing the errors.

For the case study, a group of enterprise architectural patterns is selected as the Pattern Language. The Structural, Syntactic, and Semantic rules of the language are defined using the proposed formalism, and a UML Profile is defined for the language. A PLV is designed and implemented as integration into an open source modeling tool. The tool is then utilized in designing a sample web application: Online Student Registration System. The usefulness of the tool is represented by walkthrough scenarios that show finding the mistakes in the model and helping the designer repair the detected problems.

MDE Related Conferences
I prepared a A do-it-youself Latex Workshop Manaual, for those who want to just start Latex!

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