Dr. Bahman Zamani's Page on Academic Writing

Last updated on Sep. 2016 by Bahman Zamani
  1. Useful Words for Writing Academic Texts
  2. 20 Steps to Proposal (Translated to Persian)
  3. First Draft of a Proposal (DOC file)
  4. How to write a pre-proposal report?
  5. A Sample Report Template
  6. A Check List for Improving the Quality of Academic Documents
  7. Yet Another Check List for Improving the Quality of Academic Documents (by Dr. Ladani)
  8. University of Isfahan Thesis Guideline
  9. IEEE Citation Reference
  10. Persian Translation of IEEE Citation Style, by Dr. M. Nematbakhsh
  11. A Latex Quick Reference
  12. An EndNote Quick Reference (Thanks to the authors from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)
  13. Iran Informatic Computer Society Dictionary (Vazhehnameh) (PDF 20MB)
  14. Dehkhoda Persian Dictionary
  15. The Academy of Persian Language and Literature (Farhangestan)
  16. Council for Development of Persian Language & Literature
  17. Persian Typing Rules, by Dr. M. Ghodsi & H. Zarrabizadeh
  18. Application of Symbols (Punctuation Marks) in Persian Script
  19. Persian Typing
  20. Virastyar, a plug-in for auto correction of Persian files typed in MS-Word
  21. Persian NOT Farsi
  22. Dr. Reza Mansouri's paper on "Why and how should we use Persian language for academic purposes?"
  23. Research Charter (Manshoor va Mavazine Akhlagh Pajouhesh) by MSRT (PDF 11MB)