Behrouz Tork Ladani


Jan. 2008, Symbolic Processing course (Master of Artificial Intelligence)

Jan. 2008, Symbolic Processing course (Master of Artificial Intelligence)

Graduated PhD Students

PhD Thesis: Game Theoretic Analysis of Interdependent Security
PhD Thesis: Security Investment Against Strategic Attacks
PhD Thesis: Quantitative Verification of Computational Trust Models
PhD Thesis: Security in Gossip Based Data Aggregation

Current PhD Students

  • Asgari Ghasempouri
PhD Thesis: Formal Specification and Verification of Security in Computational Trust models
  • Mojgan Askarizadeh
PhD Thesis: A Rumor Spreading Model with Positive Control Mechanism in Social Networks
  • Alireza Sahafizadeh
PhD Thesis: Modeling and Analysis of Soft Rumor Control in Social Networks
  • Mehran Khosravi
PhD Thesis: Modeling and Detection of APT Based Cyber Attacks
  • Amir Hossein Aliakbarian
PhD Thesis: Online Network Anomaly Detection Using Deep Analysis of Security and System Logs

Graduated Master Students

  • Samad Najafi, “Modeling and Analysis of Rumor Propagation and Control in Social Networks Using Evolutionary Game Theory”, Feb. 2018
  •  Sima Arasteh, “De-obfuscation of Multilayer Packed Malwares”, Feb. 2018 (Co-Advisor: Dr. Mojtaba Mahdavi)
  •  Nasim Hayat Gheibi, “Vulnerability Testing of Web Applications against XSS Using Evolutionary”, Jan. 2017
  •  Nayereh Momenian, “Reverse Engineering of Network Software for Identifying  Structure and Semantics of Protocol Messages”, Oct. 2015
  •  Taraneh Khalili, “An Integrated Model for Calculation and Propagation of Group Based Trust”, Oct. 2015
  •  Marzieh Safarzadeh, “An Automatic Test Case Generator for Evaluating Access Control Policies Implementation”, Feb. 2015 (Co-Advisor: Dr. Bahman Zamani)
  •  Masoud Hasani Fard, “Detection of DoS and Port Scan attacks in High Speed Networks”, Jun. 2013
  •  Sina Nederi, “A Method for Improving Cooperation Incentives in MANETs”, Jun 2013
  •  Zahra Ziloochi, “Security Versification of API functions of C Source Codes Using Annotation”, March 2014.
  •  Ahmad Rafiee Shahraki, “Trust and Reliability for Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks”, Feb. 2013
  • Safieh Ghasemi, “Gossip Based Trust Aggregation in Group Based P2P Networks”, Jan. 2013
  • Pooya Adibi, “A Collaboration Filtering Based Recommendation System Using User Activity Time Patterns, Sep. 2013.
  • Morteza Behniafar, “Detection of Malicious Nodes in Gossip Based Aggregation in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks”, Oct. 2013.
  • Monireh Ghadirian, “Fuzz Testing for Detection of Software Security Vulnerabilities”, Oct. 2013 (Co-Advisor: Dr. Bahman Zamani).
  • Behrouz Shahi Sheikh Ahmadlou, “Improving Correlation of Security Alerts Using Expansion of Alert Information”, Oct 2013.
  • Asghar Torki Harchegani, “A Model for Dynamic Group Based Trust in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks”, March 2012 (Co-Advisor: Dr. 
  • Bahman Zamani).
  • Fahimeh Bolourkesh, “Location Privacy Preservation for Grouped Nearest Neighbor in Location Based Services”, Oct. 2011
  • Mohammad Zolfaghari, "Anonymous Routing in Mobile Geographical Ad hoc Networks", October 2012
  • Somayeh Naghshbandi, "Recommendation System Using a Group Based Trust Model", February, 2012.
  • Forough Anousha, "A Model for Uncertain Distributed Inference on Ontologies", September, 2011.
  • Hamed Ghaffari, "A New Classifier Based on Artificial Immune System Concepts",(Co-Advisor: Dr. Ahmad Baraani Dastjerdi, University of Isfahan), March 2011.
  • Hassan Taha, "Automatic Verification of Authentication Protocols Using Genetic Programming", October 2010.
  • Hamed Samavati, "An Adaptive Trust Model for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks", September 2010.
  • Zahra Zojaji, "Automatic Software Repair Using Genetic Programming and Model Checking", September 2010.
  • Maryam Shojaee, "Detection of DDOS Attacks in IEEE 802.16 Standard Networks", (Co-Advisor: Dr. Naser Movahedinia, University of Isfahan), September 2010.
  • Zahra Saddat Hosaini, "Evaluation of Open Source Library Management Software of University of Isfahan",  (Co-Advisor: Dr. Asefeh Asemi, University of Isfahan), March 2010.
  • Nasibeh Mahmoudi, "Malicious Host Detection Using Agent's Police System", February 2009.
  • Ehsan Mokhtari, "A Reputation Based and Context Aware Trust Model for Multi Agent Systems", (Co-Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Ali Nematbakhsh, University of Isfahan), October 2009.
  • Marzieh Ispareh, "A Software Development Methodology for Anonymity Applications", October 2009.
  • Mansoureh Ejei, "Group Based Trust Model", (Co-Advisor: Dr. Naser Movahedinia, University of Isfahan) September 2009.
  • Hesam Izakian, "Task Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Computational Grids", (Co-Advisor: Dr. Kamran Zamanifar, University of Isfahan). March 2008.
  • Mousa Mousazadeh, "Verification of Liveness Properties in Term Rewriting Systems", September, 2008.
  • Zahra Derakhshandeh, "Specification and Verification of Access Control Policies in Composition of Web Services", (Co-Advisor: Dr. Naser Nemat Bakhsh, University of Isfahan), September, 2008.
  • Fatemeh Raji, "Security in Multi Agent Systems Using Clueless Anonymous Agents", (Co-Advisor: Dr. Mehdi Berenjkoub, Isfahan University of Technology), March 2007.
  • Lena Mashayekhi, "A Negotiation Strategy for Buyer Based on Learning", (Co-Advisor: Dr. Mohammad Ali Nematbakhsh, University of Isfahan), May 2006.
  • Fatemeh Ghasemi Esfahani, "Design and Analysis of Multi Agent Systems Using Reo Coordination Language", (Co-Advisor: Dr. Naser Nemat Bakhsh, University of Isfahan), October 2005.